Eyecare services we provide

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

At Charlotte Optometric Clinic we offer comprehensive eye exams for the entire family. It’s important for people of all ages to have their eyes checked annually to maintain optimum eye health. Exams include checking that your eyes are healthy and working correctly. With advanced technology we are able to detect vision issues and eye diseases earlier than ever before. Exams can include:

  • Autorefraction
  • Visual Field Testing
  • Color Vison Assesment
  • Depth Perception Testing
  • Glaucoma Testing (Tononmetry)
  • Retinoscopy
  • Refraction
  • Slit-Lamp Examination
  • Pupil Dilation or Retinal Imaging

In addition to any other testing the doctor deems necessary to determine the overall health of your eyes and if corrective lenses are necessary. You can be assured our doctors are experienced and caring and will address any question or concerns you may have.

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Contact Lens Examinations

It’s important to understand that a contact lens prescription does not come with a comprehensive exam, there are a few additional test that must be performed in order to determine the specific lenses that are correct for your unique prescription. Contact lenses are available to correct almost any type of visual issue. Nearsightedness, farsightedness, astigmatism and even bifocal prescriptions can be corrected with contacts lenses. Our office can fit you with the latest lenses available. Contact lenses prescriptions must be redetermined each year to maintain the accuracy and health of the eye. If you currently wear contacts or if you are interested in trying them for the first time our office will make sure you or your child is comfortable with the process of learning how to use them properly so your best vision is achieved. See our Specialties page for more information about contact lenses.

Retinal Imaging

Retinal examination allows the doctor to thoroughly examine your eyes for signs of disease. Typically this is done by dilating the pupil with an eye drops, but the drops cause side effects of 4-6 hours of blurry vision and light sensitivity. At Charlotte Optometric Clinic we offer retinal imaging as an option to dilation drops. The retinal imaging is done with a non-invasive camera that takes a picture of the back of your eye that you review with the doctor and the images remain your electronic record.